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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. >> good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox, two teen girls in the hospital tonight badly hurt after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. >> the girls had run out of gas and had gotten out of the car to push the vehicle to a nearby gas station, and that is when they were hit. stefania okolie talked to one of the girls' boyfriends at the hospital she joins us live tonight with the latest. >> that victim, whose boyfriend i spoke to, her family and friends say she is not doing that well tonight. as you said, these two young girls were trying to push the car on interstate 17 when a driver who police say was drunk slammed into them, and now mindy, the 16-year-old is facing a lot of uncertainties with regards to her health tonight. >> it's really bad, and it's just, i don't know, it's just so
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>> it's a much different mindy than her loved ones are used to seeing. >> very energetic, just a very easy going person. >> they were on interstate 17 and ran out of gas. mindy and a friend got out of the car to push but didn't get very far. police say the driver was apparently drunk. tonight mindy is still in critical condition. her boyfriend, tyler, says doctor legs. >> she'll have to have up to five more surgeries, at least, and they don't know if she will be able to keep her right leg. >> the safest place for you, if you're broke down on the side the highway is in your car. >> officials say it's best to call for help, especially on the highway, because you just never know. in a matter of seconds, your life can change forever. >> it's just really hard. we are just trying to look for
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hope for the best. >> reporter: yeah, and the other victim, mindy's 17-year-old friend, we are told is doing a lot better this evening. now, another sad part to this story, her boyfriend tells me that when they got into the accident, she had her small black chihuahua in the backseat who actually ran out. they have not been able to find the dog since. if you happen to see the small black chihuahua, please police immediately. the family set up a gofundme account to help pay for the medical bills. the driver who hit them did not have any insurance. live in phoenix this evening, i'm stefania okolie, fox 10 news. federal attorneys want judge
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arpaio's attorneys also want the monitor to step down. yesterday sheriff joe arpaio was charged with criminal contempt of court. sheriff arpaio, as you know, is running for his 7th term. if you didn't look at the calendar, you probably stepped outside and thought we are in the middle of summer still, perhaps. it doesn't feel like the end of october. it of summer or somewhere in the middle. an unseasonable heat wave cotinues across the valley, and we could be headed for a record. >> dave munsey with the bad news. he joins us now to explain. >> some people like this warm weather, john. you never know. yeah, we are continuing with a 96-degree reading today. could we have the third warmest october in history right here? well, let's take a look at it,
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average temperature. number two back in 1988 was the 82.4, and now we look at number three in 2016, so far, the average temperature has been 80.9, and we have to remind you that tomorrow we are forecasting a 98. now, take a look at this. 90 or warmer 22 straight days now, and what do we have for you for the next three days? yep, got some there's your 98 tomorrow, 93 on friday and sunshine and 91 on saturday, close to 100 degrees tomorrow. we'll have more weather coming up. >> wow, all right. when dave is deep in rem sleep, we are off the air maybe. you can receive weather alerts on the fox 10 weather app. it's free, it's fantastic.
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google play stores. new at 9:00, a shocking story, thieves force their way into an animal shelter and they steal three very young puppies from an animal shelter. >> marc martinez joins us now with the story. marc? >> yeah, the arizona animal welfare league really hoping they can track down these people. the puppies were taken from the shelter around 9:30 last night and the shelter says if aren't returned soon, they could become very sick. three puppies stolen from an animal shelter at 40th street and washington late sunday night. the animal welfare league releasing this surveillance video. they say these three people wearing hoodies may be connected to the theft. thieves allegedly forced their way into the facility to get the dogs. >> and they had forced their way past the gate and jammed their way past the gate and the chains
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>> an empty kennel sits where the dogs were being treated for upper respiratory infections. >> when they are gone and missing their medication, they can get very, very sick, very, very fast. they are only ten weeks old, don't is a strong immune system, and they need that constant care. if they continue without their medication, they can get very sick and possibly die. these puppies came from a group that was unable to care for them. rural shelters or foster groups that are overwhelmed. >> the shelter hopes that this video will lead to the dogs being returned quickly. >> we are hoping that somebody sees something that stands out to them that says that person looks familiar or i just saw one of those puppies so they can contact police. >> the animal welfare league says anybody who has information
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they say they won't press charges if the puppies are quickly and safely returned. a phoenix couple arrested for child abuse. this is a very serious case after police say they found the couple's 9-year-old daughter with several broken bones and nearly starving to death. melissa lloyd and michael duggar are also accused of hitting the girl and forcing her to eat garbage. their kids were p care from 2006 to 2009 and then they were given back to the couple. lloyd and duggar are now in jail. they are facing 17 counts of child abuse. a big fire at banner hospital on a wing that's under construction. the fire was quickly put out, thankfully nobody hurt. at this point the cause is not known. that new wing, expected to open next summer is, will serve women
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more than 12 hours after a fire hydrant bursts in phoenix flooding the area, crews are still trying to clean up the mess. skyfox over the scene tonight where road closures are still in place. this is near 21st and mcdowell road. this morning a semi-truck crashed into the fire hydrant sending thousands of gallons of water pouring into the street for nearly five hours. the city's water services department says these incidents are not uncommon in phoenix, this situation, it was different. >> typically a fire hydrant has breakaway bolts, so as a car hits it, the fire hydrant breaks off cleanly and it doesn't cause the flooding that you saw. but in this case the semi-truck just kind of nudged or knocked it over, and so as they did that they broke some of the valves, and so the crews couldn't get on to close some of the valves. >> water services says it will file a claim against the truck
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these repairs. the driver of a stolen a.d.o.t. truck killed after crashing into a big rig in flagstaff. this crash closed a busy stretch of road while crews were investigating, closed the road for hours. they say the struck was being loaded at the time when a man stole it from a lot. he sideswiped another car before hitting the semi. >> that truck was pretty well the a.d.o.t. truck. it went all the way to the doors. >> the driver of the stolen truck has not been identified. the crash blocked the northbound lanes of 89 and country club drive all morning. tonight though the road is back open. while the arizona cardinals prepare for a rematch with the carolina panthers this weekend, they are doing so with several key players banged up.
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hamstring injuries in the past two seasons. so when doctors began running tests, they discovered that he was sicker than that. he had sickle cell trait, which is a genetic disorder that affects a person's blood cells. doctors say high altitude and extreme stress can cause a person's red blood cells to deform, and even though there's no cure there are ways to tre >> proper hydration, making sure that we check their labs frequently. anybody should be able to perform, even at a professional level, with sickle cell trait. >> brown was back at cardinals practice today but it is unclear whether he will travel with the team to carolina for sunday's game. still ahead tonight, can you believe it, two weeks from tonight we will have an answer, who is president. we should know two weeks from
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there, who is really winning? several new polls out today, vastly different results. how do you know which one to believe? >> hopefully the one on the 8th is the one that we can believe, right? >> that's the one that you should be able to trust. >> but first, game two of the world series is in the books. the cubs win, especially sweet for a fan watching from 7,000 miles away. plus he helped the indians shut out the cubs last night, and tonight we are learning more about cleveland pitcher corey
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well, a great time to be here at fox 10. we appreciate you watching. game 2 of the world series, a complete reverse of last night, the cubs easily beating the indians tonight 5-1 after the indians shut out the cubs last night in game 1. so two games in the books now,
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game three. especially sweet for a cubs fan tonight who would have been at the game, but she couldn't because she is serving in kuwait. >> she had to watch the game from 7,000 miles away. >> i have been waiting for this moment for my entire life, but it's really sad i can't be there for it right now. a season ticketholder since 2011, marissa gave her post-season tickets to her family. it wasn't very long after the post-league championship series that she received a very special packet from her father. >> i teared up a little bit, i'm not going to lie. >> she watched game 1 of the nlcs from her bed at the armed services barracks, all the while
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wrigleyville. >> the whole time i was texting back and forth. they were telling me about the amazing sights and sounds, the atmosphere of wrigley and how amazing it was. >> marissa is confident her team will prevail overall, and she has some advice for her fellow cubs faithful. >> just enjoy every minute, and please, please, please have a few beers for me, a few. >> i think they took care of that request tonight. >> you can handle that for her kari. >> all over the world people doing that, the world series now moved to chicago, game three happening friday. you can watch it right here on fox 10, first pitch is at 4:00 p.m. a disappointing night for cleveland indians fans, but as i said the series tied at one apiece, it should be a good series. a big night for pitcher kluber. he attended stetson university in florida, his college coach
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>> he's one of those guys that made it big but he's giving back to the programs and the universities. i texted him last night after he clinched game one of the world series, and i told him to enjoy the moment that night but then get ready for the big show. >> coach dunn says kluber is helping put stetson university on the map, but believe it or not this is the second year in a row been in the world series. >> i'll tell you what, john, stetson has been known for many years out there in florida, and they have produced some solid players. suns ready to run tonight against the sacramento kings, so how would the young suns fair in game one tonight? our lead in sports.
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valley ranch, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of pumpkins just days before halloween. >> well, we go to 96 degrees today, but the world series now switches over to chicago friday night, and what's the weather going to be like for that?
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you're watching the best, fox 10 news. well, taco bell hitting a roam run are baseball fans, that's for sure. they are running a promotion called steal a base, steal a taco.
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player, indians or cubs, steals a base in the game. last night, cleveland's shortstop francisco lindor became america's taco hero by stealing a base in the first inning, and you can get a free taco. >> there's going to be a long line, i'll bet. your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on and of course the world series continues on friday, but this time we head to chicago. let's see what's going on there. game time temperatures, 63 degrees. we'll be looking at one of the problems, not a chance of rain, 18 miles per hour winds out of the south-southwest. that's what we'll be dealing with there. let's take a look at what's going on in arizona. it's 83 degrees. winds out of the west-southwest at three miles an hour. the city looking pretty good tonight. 77 up in surprise, 87 in
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and 81 up at deer valley right now. high pressure firmly in place, a little front moving through the west. however, high pressure is going to keep most of it out of here. might see a little rain up in the northwestern corner of the state. we go to 96 degrees on the high today. we have 95 in goodyear, 94 in scottsdale, and 93 at gateway. other numbers that we have, 70 degrees up at the grand canyon, 81 i bend. let's take a look at our day, 96 on the high, 69 on the low, 85 and 61 normal high and low, there's your record high at 98, your record low at 42. taking a look at our forecast highs for tomorrow, yeah, we are going to look at that record high for today as a forecast high for tomorrow at 98 degrees. we do have some 99s mixed in
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forecast. 97 at gila bend, 95 at yuma, in tuscon 97 degrees, 84 in sedona and 71 up in flagstaff. as we look across the country, a little bit of moisture finds its way into the northwest. this storm system right in here from northern portions of minnesota through chicago and then stretching back down through st. louis, some areas have picked up over two inches of rain as that storm system has mod these temperatures finally making a turn around in some areas, but look at this line of 83-degree temperatures still hanging around the country has the end of october is nearing. there's your 98-degree forecast for tomorrow. is it really still fall? starting to feel a little bit like summer. however, that will be remedied by time. there's reno right there. we'll get back into the low 80s
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have some 90s to deal with before we get there. watch your kids around water. >> all right, thank you, dave. multiple earthquakes rattling central italy today, killing at least one person, damaging several historic buildings, the first a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. and take a look at the damage here. this quake hit around 7:00 p.m. local time. it was followed by a 6.1 quake a couple of hours la there was also some damage caused as far away as rome. experts believe the quakes are technically aftershocks from a deadly earthquake that hit that country back in august. all right, kari, truth time. what is your biggest fear? >> i don't have a lot of fears, to be honest. a new poll released showed america's greatest fears, and
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you may not expect. we are talking about it later in tonight's talk backs. >> i'm not crazy about bugs. i'll put it out there. >> it's kind of fun and kind of insightful. we'll get into it. and speaking of fears, there's growing concern of violence on election night. >> plus, video of a man who decided to destroy donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. the man is talking about why he
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run
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man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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about this news. the race for the white house finally entering the final stages. all of this madness end as both candidates campaign for those last minute votes with less than two weeks to go before the november general election. several polls have hillary clinton leading donald trump. but how accurate are the polls? >> and the numbers very wildly. it seems every day take for instance this fox news poll, showing trump leading clinton by three percentage points, and then this poll from suffolk university showing donald trump at 37, clinton at 48, a much larger lead, but then an associated press poll from earlier today, showing hillary with an enormous lead, 14 points or better than trump.
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and by the way, there are a few that show trump in the lead. we didn't seem to have them here. i don't know why. but at any rate, does any of this really matter? danielle miller joins us live now with some answers to all of this. >> john and kari, there is a lot of confusion with these polls to say the least. and tonight we spoke with a political consultant, and he says although the polls do have some meaning, for the most part they are meaningless. >> i don't personally, as a profession faith that the polls are a reflection of the accurate thinking of the collective voting electorate. >> virtual most polls right now give hillary clinton a lead over donald trump in the race to the white house, but some show the complete opposite. >> the disproportionate change between all of these polls is more evidence that the political polling cannot be relied on. >> he says in most cases, trump underpolls giving inaccurate
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>> i know too many people this my life that are just afraid of saying they are voting for him because they don't want to have to answer for them. >> he says that people shouldn't vote on whether they are going to vote or who they are going to vote for because of polls. he says we won't know the true results of who people want as their next president until november 8th. >> neither one of them make to excited, so i'm going to vote, but i'm not going to be too excited either way. >> reporter: and he says the polls typically have an influence on voters, but he does not think that's the case for this election. he says that's because of the energy behind it. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. the same poll done by u.s.a. today as we mentioned a few minutes ago also found that more
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concerned about violence on or after election day, some schools moving polls out of schools or even canceling classes on election day altogether. a man armed with a pick axe, dressed as a construction worker, smashing the star apart, leaving the presidential candidate's name he gathered pieces of the destroyed monument and reportedly wants to auction them off. >> the reason i did is was because of the amount of sexual assaults that not only my own family has experienced but that the many women that donald trump has done this to. >> hours after the attack, the hollywood chamber of commerce
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his attorney to turn himself in and be charged. okay. a story we have been following, the pentagon announcing today it will delay trying to reclaim improperly paid bonuses to members of the california national guard. they paid out these bonuses to recruit them, and now they are trying to get the money back and it's put these families in dire straits. lawmakers from both parties outraged asked people to repay thousands of dollars in bonuses. ash carter announced he appointed a high ranking official to settle these claims by next summer. >> expeditiously and fairly deal with these issues, obviously according to the law. >> secretary carter has set a january 1st deadline for recommendations from that
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resolution of the repayment program by the start of july. police say they are poised to remove about 200 protesters trying to halt the completion of the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. the activists moved on to the site last weekend to tight the nearly 1200-mile pipeline, which they fear could harm cultural sites and drinking water for the standing rock a halloween thief steals about 300 pumpkins from a buckeye farm. the farm says the theft probably cost them about $3,000. so they are going to ship in replacement pumpkins from new mexico on this busy week. >> it's kind of funny but at the same time this is a business,
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provide pumpkins for all of our families that come out. >> buckeye police will be patrolling the area around the farm, and if you have got any information on who is behind the theft, give police a call. the phoenix zoo saying good-bye to its oldest resident, ralph the tortoise. he's taking a new job at the el paso zoo. he's 100 years old and has been with the zoo since >> he's taking everything he owns with him on his back, packed up, ready to go. >> they are exchanging him, almost trading him out like you would trade a baseball player. they are going to get a new, younger tortoise, elvis who is 65. they have got a long life expectancy. elvis will be breeding with another female tortoise we
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she's not too fond of the current tortoise. they are going to bring in some new blood. >> we have a female, lola who is the same endangered sub species as elvis, who will be breeding with her. it's a real conservation project. >> you know, you can make magic happen, with a little music, some meanwhile, ralph will be living out the rest of his days at the el paso zoo. we hope he's happy there with a new companion named mr. potato head. caught on camera, a little girl from williams, arizona. just watch this. she is trying to get up on her mini pony. she's three years old, and she would not be denied. she didn't get it on the first, second, or
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it took her 16 tries. he tried everything, but determined. and she wouldn't let mom help her by the way. >> the pony is just staying there, fine with it. >> she is like, i am getting on this thing, and you know what, she did it. >> she did. >> finally. >> are we going to show -- we have to show this. tell me. there she goes -- >> ah, ah, there we go. excellent. >> that is the best thing i've seen in a long time. >> look at the grin. i love that. that is great. >> she's got perseverance, doesn't she? >> s >> she's going a far, long way, for sure. still ahead, a new way to get around tempe may be on the horizon. a meeting held tonight, the details of it after the break. >> plus are you tired of potentially losing your bags when you fly? isn't that fun, when you get there and your bag is not there? one airline has a great idea, an answer that's going to bring you sme comfort, how you can track your bags with an app, after the break. >> and it's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow than it was
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music and talk a little bit about it with your wake up
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new mode of transportation could soon be coming to tempe. the city wants to build a three-mile streetcar line. and you can see here the proposed track. it comes swerves right up here to mill. it will take people to the games and take them back around to mill avenue. it's a proposed route. it's only a proposed route right now. and as you see there, it would take a lot of people just north of sun devil stadium. it is going to be an area that people are always going to, whether it's for walks down there or big games.
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lane. tonight, an forum giving residents a chance to ask questions about the project, how much it would cost, how long it would take to build. the city is hoping for $75 million in federal funding which would have to be approved by congress. but if all goes well, the streetcar project would begin construction late next year with a completion date sometime around 2020. or you could live in oakland, california. this next story is amazing. for the first time in history, the rent there has soared past $3,000 a month on average. this is like new york city. just a few years ago, back in 2013, people in oakland were paying $1,700 on average for rent. what's going on? experts say the city is transforming. people want to live in oakland if they can afford it.
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up. the tech jobs in the bay area are driving it. the rising rent causing some problems though for people who can no longer afford to live there and they ae being vehicle code section evi -- are big evid or forced to move on. foits top model will have s six cylinder diesel engine, the five seat ride expected to hit showrooms in late 2017, but mercedes says the x class is not officially targeted at the u.s. market yet. pickups have really -- >> how about ford.
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>> that truck is amazing. we can't guarantee a major airline will never lose your luggage again, but at least now you will know where it is. delta is rolling out a new app that tracks your bag. the luggage will basically get a chip with a radio frequency id tag. scanners throughout the delta system will track the bag and movement. the tech has just more than 80 airports across the country. tis the season to be stressed out, the new survey finding more than one in four americans would rather shovel snow in their driveway than fight the holiday shopping crowds. maybe that's why more than one in three plan to have an alcoholic beverage while hunting for gifts this holiday season.
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it's on your holiday shopping list, a $3,000 victoria secret bra. ford is recalling ford escapes and mercury mariners. forget, bring your kids to work day. get ready to see moms running around for bring in your parents day, a growing number of companies inviting moms and dads to work to learn what their kids do all day. hope your parents sit there quietly and behave. temperatures are warming up. we are getting near 100 degrees tomorrow, so that makes the lightly lows go up a little bit as well. let's take a look at the wake up
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47 degrees, same at the grand canyon, 60 in sedona and lake havasu, 42 at st. john's and 69 at gila bend. as we get closer in, glendale at 69, 70 in scottsdale, apache junction at 71, deer valley 73, and ahwatukee at 69. as the kids get ready for school, that 8:00-hour approaches, and 76 degrees. there's going to be a few clouds. watch for the clouds to get a as the temperature warms to about 98 degrees. we'll have more weather, coming up after 10:00. >> all right, thanks, dave. after the break, talk back time. you have heard people say the war on christmas? you probably haven't heard people say the war on halloween, but a lot of people are believing that that is happening. halloween is under attack. >> halloween is under siege too? all right. plus, your agree with fears, orl orl
9:47 pm
scared of, one thing versus another. we are going to sort it out
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a head on fox ten news at ten ... it's a question most people ask themselves ahead on fox 10 news at 10:00, it's a question most people ask themselves as they travel i-17, especially after accidents like this one last weekend that brought traffic to a standstill for nine hours. why don't they build more lanes to avoid this kind of backup? well, a.d.o.t. looked into it, and we'll tell you what they
9:50 pm
and many people say penguins look like they are wearing tuxedos, right? we found one wearing a custom made wet suit. we'll tell you what that's all about. we'll have the reason tonight for you at 10:00. >> thanks marc. time for tonight's talkers. we talked about the worries, what worries you. there's a new poll that shows americans are more afraid of clowns than climate poll by chapman university showed that 42% of americans are afraid of clowns. only 32% are afraid of climate change. they are also scared of terrorist attacks, gun rights infringement, family members dying and even obamacare than climate change. >> i'm sensing that the pollsters are getting board,
9:51 pm
hillary. what are you afraid of? i am afraid of terrorist attacks, but i'm not -- >> i think what we are seeing here is what's more eminent, right away in your world. >> whereas climate change might seem a little bit off in the distance. >> a crazy in clown in your neighborhood. now we have a war on halloween, this one might be real. in an sensitive college students, colleges are banning costumes that could reproduce stereotypes on gender, race, economic status. no men dressing as women, and they ask that you don't pick a princess costume that doesn't
9:52 pm
they implemented this at yale, and last year one of the yale officials who balked at it wound up out of a job. >> the pc world that we are living in, just stay in your house where it is safe. >> is it still safe to be a witch or a scarecrow? >> no, you're probably offending somebody, i am sure. >> we have posted these topics on our facebook page. we'd love to hear from you. >> john hook stace. >> and kari lake fox 10. >> the cardinals go back to the scene of the crime, i guess you could say, back to charlotte, north carolina seeking redemption, and the cubs try to even up the fall classic.
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. there was a time when suns opening night was a major event in this town. this time around the curiosity is there with what appears to be a plan and a youth movement for the future. the team has done its -- at one point, three teenagers on the court for the suns. there's bledsoe trying to get off to a good start.
9:56 pm
nice night for e.b. 15 point. off the drive nails the bucket. keep an eye on what happens here with macklemore and stein. suns do it again in the transition game, and there's 19-year-old devin booker, 18-year-old dragan bender, demarcus talented center, 24 points for the big fella for the kings, very impressive outing. suns mount a comeback, ulis hits a baseline jumper. again, moving the basketball, bender nails the three ball, making a little bit of a game of it. just not must have, the suns
9:57 pm
final. the arizona cardinals are going back to charlotte, north carolina. tough to forget what happened in the nfc title game, the turnovers, the interceptions. is there any way to even up the score? certainly it's just not the same, and carolina struggling with a 1-5 record. richard saenz at cards practice earlier today. >> it's a return to the scene of the crime for the arizona cardinals as to north carolina, and how can we forget the nfc championship? the cardinals need a win. >> this is a huge game for both of us. they are coming off their bye-week and reset their goals, and we are hobbling into it, but it's a big, big game for us on the road. >> it's not a championship game. you know, it's a regular season
9:58 pm
trying to get a win, just like those guys. watching them on film, they don't look like a team that's won one game. they look pretty dominant, actually. they had some miscues, and that's why they lost some football games. it's a quality team. we have got to work and prepare. >> the cardinals work out former sun devil bercovici. if he doe surprised to see him on the practice squad. cleveland, moved the game up with threat of rain showers, but they got it in tonight. rizzo with a double, cubs get off with an early start, 1-0 lead. jake arietta turned out to be the story line tonight. he was fabulous. nobody could really get anything off of this guy.
9:59 pm
some help in the third. kyle schwarber with two on, singled to center, rizzo is going to score, cubs up 2-0. jake arietta's night, he had a no-hitter going through five, scattered a couple of hits, 9 strikeouts, one run. it was the night for jake arietta, and kipnis finally in the bottom of the 6th breaks up a no-hitter. all chicago cubs, very impressive outing at starting pitching, kicking it up for chicago. 5-1 the final, cubs even up the series against cleveland. the series shifts back to wrigley in chicago. back with more sports in 20 minutes. here's marc martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. well, coming up, one of these penguins is different than the others. can you spot the difference here?
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she's the one wearing a wet suit, and we'll explain what's behind this. plus, a gusher out on some valley streets. how water ended up shooting on to the road, tying up traffic for hours today, creating a huge mess, and a car full of teenage girls runs out of gas. two girls get out to push the car, and they end up getting hit by an oncoming car. we'll tell you how they are doing tonight on fox 10 news at 10:00. and police drunk driver behind the wheel, and those two girls are in the hospital tonight. stefania okolie talked to one of the girl's boyfriends. she joins us live from the hospital with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, and unfortunately the victim in this crash, marc, a 16-year-old young girl, her physical health is very uncertain right now. she is still in the hospital here this evening. her boyfriend tells us that the doctors are not sure whether or


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